#LovinThursDay: Happy valentines day

Valentine’s day, also known as Saint Valentine’s day, is set aside to celebrate the significance of love and is celebrated annually on February 14. Valentine’s day is the day we honor one or two early saints named Valentinus, valentines day is known as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love around the whole world.

We need to celebrate love and we need to keep the love growing without getting tired of loving whom we love, that’s why the reason behind this, we created this trend to share loving tips, romantic words, quotes, discussions, and experience within ourselves to expand love across the world.

The word for the day: If She Loves You Don’t Let Her Go

nowadays finding true love seems hard, we are living with less knowledge about the life we are living, and we all want the best from someone who is not perfect just like us, You are not perfect and your spouse is not perfect,  but we want perfection from each other.

but most of the time,

We don’t appreciate the heart that really loves us, Due to some reasons we allow the heart that loves us to leave us thinking we will find the best one later, Or we usually said what belongs to us will never leave us that’s true, but sometimes what that belong to us needs to be appreciated and treated like something we absolutely need forever.

If she loves you, that doesn’t mean you should treat her like she has no value,  shes valuable and she needs you to know how valuable she is, A woman deserves the best likewise a man deserves, the best way to keep love together is by appreciating each other.

If we appreciate each other we will love each other the more.

Happy Valentines My people,


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