Samsung Galaxy S10; Launch Date Confirmed to be February 20th

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to be unveiled on February 20th, 2019, According to the company the galaxy S10 will mark the 10 years of the Galaxy S series from Samsung, which is also the company flagship offering.  We expected that the Galaxy S10 will be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, as the company did with the last series of the Galaxy S9, but for the awaiting Samsung Galaxy S10, the company organize a special UNPACKED event.


The Samsung galaxy S10 will be unveiled at the special UNPACKED EVENTS in San Francisco USA on February 20th, 2019 as confirmed by the Samsung company.

What are we expecting from Samsung Galaxy s10 series? We are expecting

Different Variants:

The galaxy S10 is expected to comes in variants such as the galaxy s10, s10 plus and the galaxy s10 lite with the 5G variants. We have the Galaxy S10 lite to be a smaller and cheaper version of the devices and the S10 to be a 6.1 inches display with the bigger version S10 plus to be 6.4 inches display and the 5G Variant to comes with bigger displays, battery life and more.


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