5 Ways WhatsApp Serves As A Powerful Tool For Your Business -Effective Marketing

Are you a Business owner? Online business or offline, WhatsApp is a very powerful tool to help strengthen your business the more,WhatsApp is ever growing App, with over 1 billion users, and his great features of involving only users phone number, yes I’m not disputing the Fact that Instagram, Twitter and other social media are not working when it’s time to strengthen your business world, of course, they are great too. WhatsApp wants your business in a different way, if you have not been using WhatsApp for your business, is the right time for you to start using the App to Strengthen your business, Here are the 5 was WhatsApp serves as a powerful tool for your business.


#1 WhatsApp Status Features

I find out that people use WhatsApp Status mostly for other things rather than the Good the features can do for their business, people prefer to post random updates, rather than focusing on their business growth when it’s come to using the WhatsApp status features effectively for their business.

You can update the arrival of new goods, update trending news about your business, you can turn your WhatsApp status to productive Advertising platforms where your close customers see updates about your business and services. For example, you are selling clothes you have a marketing platform like Amazon, eBay etc.

People will want to know the latest trend about your business and patronize you before anyone else, people need information about your business, some people want you to supply them directly they want to get in touch with you, they want to see currently available products, that are yet to be on your Amazon. When you have not to update your Amazon sales they want to get in touch with you directly, the best way to make your customers happy is by giving them the trends about your business and WhatsApp status will help you on that effectively.


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